“empowering kids to be self-confident”

FIT-KIDS is a youth physical exercise program that encourages healthy habits and builds self-confidence in kids ages 8-14 years old. The program focuses on improving agility, speed, strength, coordination, flexibility and team building through an active coach-taught class. FIT-KIDS will learn how to set and reach individual goals as well as work in a team environment.

FIT-KIDS mission is to assist kids in developing habits that boost health, wellness, team building and self-confidence.







Packages are a month-to-month auto-renewing contract*

GOLD PACKAGE: 16- Classes per Month = $160.00/mos.
SILVER PACKAGE: 12-Classes per Month = $115.00/mos.
BRONZE PACKAGE: 8-Classes per Month – $90.00/mos.
Class passes expire 3-months after purchase date
10 CLASS PASS: $150.00
5 CLASS PASS: $100.00
*20% sibling discount*
*15% member discounts available*
*Classes are 50-minutes each*
*FIT-KIDS is a Program done in a Class Environment*

Are you ready to become a FIT-Kid?

 FIT-Kids Registration Form


Waiver Form





Q: Do I need to sign up for a specific class (day/time) before my child arrives?


A: No. Unlike our other memberships that use the online system, MINDBODY, you do not need to sign up for a class before arriving. The FIT-Kids classes will consistently run on the days scheduled to make it convenient for families on the go. Depending on the type of membership you have registered for, you can join in on as many classes as you would like each month. The coach will sign in each child to keep track of how many sessions per month are used.


Q: Can my child take more classes per month than purchased?


A: No. If a child reaches his/her membership package allowance, then there are a few options available. You can purchase the class for a drop-in rate of $25, upgrade to another membership plan, purchase a  class pass or wait until your next month membership begins.


Q: Can my child take two classes in one day (back to back)?


A: No. Memberships only allow for a child to take one class per day. You may take multiple classes per week depending on the type of membership purchased, but only ONE class per DAY.


Q: Can I drop my child off or do I need to stay for each class?


A: Yes. You may drop your child off and return when class time is ended. You may not leave your child on the premises for longer than the class time they are participating in, unless there is a legitimate emergency that makes it impossible to get to the gym in time. If a child is consistently left after the class time has ended, then the FIT-Body Lab has the right to end the membership agreement.


Q: Can someone other than the legal guardian pick my child up from class?


A: Only if the legal guardian informs the FIT-Body Lab staff in advance that someone else will be picking the child up. The FIT-Body Lab will require a driver’s license to be provided in every case that a legal guardian is not present.


Q: What does my child need for each class?


A: We recommend each child wears comfortable, athletic type clothing to ensure that they are able to move around. Sneakers or tennis shoes are required. No flip flops, cleats, boots or bare feet allowed. We also recommend a water bottle that has a top to ensure no spills on the gym floor.


Q: How long is each class?


A: Each class is 50 minutes long during the week and is broken down into 3 parts.


Q: What are the age ranges for FIT-Kids?


A: FIT-KIDS is a youth physical exercise program that encourages healthy habits and builds self-confidence in kids ages 8-14 years old.


Q: Do you separate the younger children from the older children?


A: We will do our best to group the participants according to their age group. If the classes reach the maximum capacity, then the another class will be added at the same time slot and ages will be divided up.


Q: Are the classes gender specific?


A: No. Each FIT-Kids class will combine male and female participants.


Q: How long is a FIT-Kids Membership?


A:  FIT-Kids memberships run on a month-to-month auto-renewing contract.  You are able to cancel your membership by sending in a written notice 5 days before your anniversary date. If no request is received, you will be charged automatically each month forward.  Written notices can be received via email to, or in person to the gym. Text messages will NOT be accepted as a formal cancellation notice.


Q: Are there any discounts given to already existing members?


A: Yes. If you are a current member of the FIT-Body Lab and your account is in good standing, you are eligible to receive a family discount of 15% off the first child’s registration.


Q: Are there sibling discounts offered?


A: Yes. After the first paying membership, each sibling will receive 25% off their registration. Sibling discounts are only given to true siblings (no cousins, friends, etc)