| Nick Hintz |

Many professional athletes, including all of the major sports where endurance, strength, and agility are needed, are now using Cross-Functional, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Not only athletes, but young professionals, parents, physicians, and so on, now utilize Cross-Training/HIIT.

As Trainers, we work with everyone from people who are currently sedentary or struggling with weight to those with disabilities.  We have programs for seniors where we see them achieve similar results and success as the elite athletes using this type of training.  If the cross-training and “HIIT” programs work for athletes and those who are overweight and out of shape, then it can and will work for everyone – including you.

As Cross-Trainers, our aim is multi-faceted; our goals are to improve EVERYONE’S overall health and wellness, improve quality of life, disrupt sickness, health epidemics, and even improve mental illness. Basically, we (Trainers) want to “Add” years on to YOUR lives, and are able to do so through a number of different programs, of which all come back to their core-methodology; by using cross-functional training methods, high intensity interval training, taking a holistic somewhat paleo and whole-food approach to nutrition.

We focus on technique and intensity using compound movements, rather than the traditional exercise version of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and yet still today. Statistics through scientific research show that compound movements, or multi-joint movements, are far more advantageous that isolated movements/exercises. Both play their roles, dependent upon your goals, but going back to the science, we know that Cross-Training at heightened intensity levels, in addition to eating whole foods, can and will add years to your life, improve your quality of life, and many other benefits.

If you’re not implementing some sort of Cross-Training and Whole-Food nutritional eating in your life, as a Fitness/Wellness Professional, the recommendation will remain the same: It’s never too late to start, and I suggest you start as soon as possible. Yes, science and technology in the medical field have paved the way to an increase in lifespan, but the ultimate formula always comes back to how you live your life. And, living your life where it includes proper diet and exercise will help likely keep you from having to utilize those medical advances for a much extended period of time.

MMA Fighters, cyclists, football players, Golfers, even body-building competitors and many other types of professional athletes are competing on the largest and most competitive platforms while using Cross-Training with “HIIT” to build core strength and improve their overall endurance and conditioning. With the right coaching, so can you.

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